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Lhe country of Uncle Sam does not only export “delicious” culinary dishes and its “American way of life”. For some time now, we have seen helmets with a particular flavor springing up on the ears of our dear fellow citizens of France. These headphones with the Plantronics logo and which smell of America, freedom and the “cool attitude” offer us a new alternative for enthusiasts and nomadic music lovers. Let’s discover this manufacturer who has settled down at BH.

Por the little story because there is always one worthy of the greatest Hollywood films when it comes to an American firm. Plantronics was born in a garage in Santa Cruz, California, in 1961 when two airline pilots set out to find a convincing and relevant alternative to the radio headsets they used in civil aviation.

VSourtney Phillip Graham and Keith Larkin, the aptly named, succeeded in their bet by creating one of the lightest helmets in the world and perfect to replace the handheld microphone held by the pilots in the cockpits of the new DC-8s. Following this success rewarded by the obtaining of a patent, the two accomplices formalize on May 18, 1961, the creation of Plantronics Inc. Success is with go with their first micro-headset MS50 which was bought by United Airlines for then become a staple of ultralight communications in aviation.

PHigher than the sky, there is space and it is the next territory that it is harnessed to conquer Plantronics, strong of its status in aviation. Thus, the MS50 again made a name for itself when it was chosen by astronaut Wally Schirra for the Mercury mission by adapting the model to his astronaut helmet in 1962. Following the needs revealed by NASA, Plantronics created a division special: SPENCOM for MSace INenvironmental COMcommunications. This division focuses solely on manufacturing headsets for the space program.

EWhat better recognition when we know that the first words spoken by astronaut Neil Armstrong when he took his first step on the moon were pronounced in a Plantronics headset: “It’s a small step for man, but a giant leap for humanity”.

Lhe suite is only a succession of success for the American firm which invested the world of work and call centers in 1983 with helmets like the StarSet Supra which will also become a reference. Plantronics innovates with ultralight, in-ear, wireless and hands-free models to match all professional needs. The 2000s saw Plantronics diversifying its areas of interest with the development of headsets for multimedia, video games and even telephony via the Internet. Its mastery of mobile technologies such as noise reduction, Bluetooth® and its desire to offer a truly ergonomic design make the American brand a company that is constantly innovating to offer perfect sound. The general public now benefits from a rich and diversified range of headphones recognized and rewarded for their performance, design and ergonomics.

Plantronics speaks to us: “Imagine what it is possible to do with engagement everywhere? »

OBesides the RIG range dedicated to the world of video games, Plantronics has created the BackBeat range to meet the needs of the general public. This range is thus available in different models that will satisfy the amateur or confirmed music lover eager for mobility while listening to music.

The Plantronics wall of ears, a centerpiece when developing new headsets:

VSLet’s start with the modest BackBeat Fit that I own and can talk about with real knowledge. I chose this product because I was looking for a space-saving headset offering excellent portability, minimal bulk and simple ergonomics. In addition, I wanted it to be able to follow me on my travels or in full sports practice.

JI wanted a high-quality, easy-to-use Bluetooth® headset. My choice naturally fell on the BackBeat Fit which combines all its qualities in a headset designed for sports but which can also be used on a daily basis. Flexible, sweatproof (P2i), stable, designed to move and with clear controls; this headset benefits from a listening time of 8 hours and a conversation time of 6. If you are looking for a wireless in-ear headset for sports or simply to accompany you on a daily basis, I can only recommend it to you.

PNow let’s move on to the BackBeat Sense model, which cannot leave you indifferent. These resolutely nomadic wireless headphones adopt an on-ear form factor to gain in compactness and make the most of their featherweight 140 g. With its intuitive features and 18-hour battery life, you’ll enjoy using it every day with two Bluetooth® compatible devices.

Uan effective range of up to 100 m, a most attractive and elegant design, a multitude of functions and a rigorous construction make the BackBeat Sense, an exceptional audio headset recognized as such by specialists around the world as well as by the users. Finally, know that it will be impossible for you to lose your headset thanks to its “Find My Headset” tracking technology.

DThe last model in this BackBeat range but not the least, the Backbeat Pro in its latest Pro+ incarnation is a resolutely urban wireless headset. You will probably say that I do it on purpose, but I also own this model and to be completely honest with you, it has not left my ears since day one. This wireless headset adopts a circum-auricular form factor with ear cups that surround the pinna of the ear. Robust and imposing, it is nonetheless the most pleasant to wear and to look at with its anthracite gray dress of the most beautiful effect. A question of taste or not, but I prefer it to the black dress of the first BackBeat Pro of the name.

Lhe continuation of the festivities is just as pleasant for this helmet which makes excellent use of its class 1 Bluetooth® 4.0 module (range of 100 m) and which even has the luxury of being accompanied by a high-fidelity Bluetooth® USB adapter which allows you to enjoy exceptional wireless audio quality with your computer. You just have to remember not to forget your dongle and I can only ask Plantronics to integrate a housing in the headset for that or a second adapter to leave at the office…

ATacoustically speaking, the BackBeat Pro+ does not have to pale before the tenors of its category. It offers a fairly well-balanced sound that doesn’t suffer from too much bass or too scathing treble. The bass is just deep, the treble crystal clear and the whole thing sounds right to the ear. We take pleasure in using it, especially since its passive insulation is excellent. I use it without needing to activate the active noise cancellation function and yet I am a pedestrian who uses public transport every day, that is to say.

OBesides its intelligent sensors, its “jog dial” type buttons for volume and track selection or its various intuitive controls, the BackBeat Pro+ headphones surprise with their autonomy. This is to say; it is customary to discharge the battery before making a first charge during the first uses. It’s simple, using it pretty much every day, it took me just over two weeks to get through the base battery that wasn’t fully charged before I had to top it up. ‘energy. It’s simple with an announced autonomy of 24 hours, you can listen to your content without counting, in any case, that’s what I do.

LThe Backbeat Pro+ is the flagship of Plantronics and I can only advise you to try it to get an idea of ​​the quality of the headphones. For my part, as I told you, I will never leave it and I am extremely satisfied.

Plantronics may be new in France but they have experience gained over many years in the service of very demanding trades. A guarantee of quality, seriousness and love of beautiful sound in all intelligence that you can discover in depth, in width and across in the BH stores in Boulognes and Paris as well as on


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