Real counterfeits, fake Beats headphones… How to recognize an original in 30 seconds!


Beats headphones are everywhere, whether on the streets, or in music videos! No wonder that with such success, smart guys are offering counterfeit versions at lower prices… But the quality immediately suffers!

Hence our idea to offer you some tips to recognize fake Beats headphones in 30 seconds! Beware of counterfeit Beats, because these headphones have little to do with the originals: poor finish, unconvincing sound, and above all, deplorable reliability will be your daily life. On the left, the fake Beats, on the right, the real Beats…

Beats by Dre Studio headphones:

Beats by Dre Studio/ On the counterfeit Beats Studio headphones (on the left in the photo), it is the packaging that brings us the first elements of distinction. We notice immediately that the photograph of Dr. Dre is much darker. Same observation for the visual of the helmet: it is much too dark! But the difference can also be made in the design of the helmet itself. An unmistakable clue: the screws used on the arch. Fake Beats hardware is Phillips 6-point screws, while real Beats use Allen screws much better bill.

Beats by Dre Pro headphones:

Beats By Dre Pro/ On Beats Pro headphones, the variations are rather at the level of the structure, which turns out to be of much lower quality, but above all roughly finished. Again, the screws are different: you can clearly see that the fake Beats screws (still on the left) have very visible notches, while those of the real headphones are slightly rounded. The assembly is also questionable, since we note that the plate with the inscription “Beats Pro” is not the same size as its amount (while on the real Beats, the assembly is perfect). Finally, note the glaring difference concerning the Beats logo located on the headset. It looks like it was brush painted, rather than printed!!! A fraud…

Beats Tour headphones:

Beats by Dre Tour/ Here as with the Beats Studio, you can once again identify the authenticity of a Beats Tour in-ear headphone without even opening the box. The printing is of poor quality, and the colors stand out much less. This is why the visual of the helmet and the face of Dr Dre are so dark (photos on the left). Then, it is on the wiring and the shells that you will be able to see the difference. The fake Beats cable is darker, less wide, and has a different texture: the strength is also much lower! As for the headset, it’s the logo that will put you in the ear. It is very poorly centered and particularly dull!

These differentiating elements guarantee that your Beats headphones are an original! From now on, you won’t be able to go wrong… But as much to tell you right away: prefer to buy these helmets in a shop you know, and which gets its supplies exclusively from the official distributor… As is the case for BHson 😉

Bonus: the Beats All eyes on us clip, just for your eyes!


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