Sennheiser Urbanite / Urbanite XL: please your ears!


Sennheiser is launching its new range of Urbanite mobile headphones, consisting of two models available in 5 trendy colors. To support this, the German manufacturer gratifies us with an offbeat and rather amusing advertising campaign.

We are nice at BH, we think of you! Or rather, to those who have not yet seen the Sennheiser Urbanite commercials… Too strong! For others, it’s lower than it happens.

The clip of the Urbanite XL:

And the Urbanite clip:

The Sennheiser Urbanite and Urbanite XL are portable helmets made from robust materials, and designed to last. As proof, they are guaranteed for 2 years! They add to this a very successful look and trendy colors, combined with energetic transducers capable of delivering up to 118dB SPL! Both models cover a very wide bandwidth, ranging from 16 Hz in the bass, to 22 kHz in the treble. Sennheiser equips its Urbanite and Urbanite XL with a detachable one-sided cable very practical, and a couple microphone + remote control compatible iDevices / aDevices. The big difference between the 2 headsets is in the shells: the Sennheiser Urbanite XL benefits from headsets circum-auricular, when his little brother Urbanity choose the type on-ear. A matter of taste…

Tested at the IFA in Berlin, these helmets Sennheiser Urbanite and Urbanite XL seemed to us to offer an excellent price/performance ratio. The second listening only confirmed our point of view! To be tested today in BH stores…


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