SMS Audio by 50 Cent range: killer Beats?


SMS Audio headphones by 50 Cent are rolling out at BH… Big caliber for your little ears!

Following numerous requests (and threats 😉 ), SMS Audio by 50 headsets arrive at BH ! After the worldwide success of Beats by Dre, the manufacturer SMS Audio has teamed up with rapper/producer 50 Cent to create a line of hyper-trendy headphones.

The promise ? To guarantee you a full sound, able to restore all the impact of urban or electronic music… And the result is clearly on par with Beats by Dre headphones! We particularly appreciate the flexibility of the SMS Audio Street by 50: they do not break, even if you twist their Shatterproof headband! Comfort is there, but it’s the sound of this helmet that will seduce more than one. Indeed, if you like good, meaty bass, you will be served! Two models are currently available, the Street by 50 Over Ear (circum-auricular) and the Street by 50 On Ear (supra-auricular). While waiting for the test, here are some videos that will tell you a little more about the philosophy of this helmet. Big caliber!

Come and test now in our BH stores in Paris and Boulogne!

Clip SMS Audio by 50 Cent: music is made for everyone!

Video SMS Audio by 50 Cent: the most durable helmets!


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