Sony MDR-HW700DS, Home Cinema in 9.1 without disturbing the neighbors?


Who has never dreamed of living their passion for Home Cinema without any constraints? No space constraints… No aesthetic constraints… No acoustic constraints… BH makes you discover the one that could well meet all these expectations: the helmet Sony MDR-HW700DS.

For many, ” Home Cinema Sound ” rhymes with ” Home Cinema Setup“. And who says “Installation”, says bulky equipment, messy cables, complicated connections, complex settings… A hassle that many of you want to avoid. Especially since there will undoubtedly be endless discussions with your loved ones about the design to adopt or the budget to devote to it. Over the years, “complete” systems Source/Amplification/Speaker Pack experienced competition from Packs all-in-onethen sound barsand lately sound tv stands/stands. However, miniaturization and simplification can go even further by turning to… a helmet.

For some, a simple stereo headphones (quality hi fi all the same) would do, thanks to movies with the sound format Audio-3D. Others would rather turn to “gamer” headsets designed to render the sound effects of their favorite games… and incidentally of a good blockbuster. Finally, the wealthiest would benefit from sound spatialization/virtualization systems like the Beyerdynamic HZ Home Where Smyth Realize A8recreating a surround environment and transmitting it to classic wired headphones.

But even if it means seeking freedom of listening, why not seek true freedom… Freedom of movement… Freedom of placement… with a Wireless Headset ?

A solution that already existed, a few years ago, and which met with great success with models such as the Philips SBC-HD1500 (and his descendant SBC-HD1500U) Where Pioneer SE-DIR800C. Effective and affordable products, but whose end of life corresponded to the arrival of High Definition audio formats.

the Sony MDR-HW700DS takes the best of its predecessors and improves it to provide Home Cinema rendering never heard on headphones.

It first gains in comfort with a weight on the ears reduced to 320 grams, far from the respective over 500 and 600 grams of the SBC-HD1500U and SE-DIR800C. This weight is accompanied by a well-balanced headband and sufficiently soft and enveloping ear cups to suit the greatest number.

It gains in practicality with a dual-band radio frequency wireless link (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) for sound without interference or interruptions, and this, up to 30 meters away. It gains in decoding capability, supporting the vast majority of High Definition formats current, from DTS-HD Master Audio to Dolby Digital True HD passing through the Dolby Prologic IIz, DTS Neo:X Where PCM (stereo and multichannel). It gains in spatialization by reproducing a environment 9.1 with an incredible rendering of precision and “envelopment”, thus doing better than its glorious elder MDR-DS7500a very good 7.1 wireless headset (only) that sony unfortunately never distributed in France.

It finally gains in connectivity, with 3 HDMI inputs and 1 output (like the DS7500), this time in version 1.4acompletely transparent to signals Full-HD, 3Dand even Ultra-HD 4K ! Without setting aside an input and an output in optical format and the classic Stereo RCA input.

So with this helmet Sony MDR-HW700so you’ll enjoy High Definition sound that reproduces 10 separate channelsto the volume you want (beware of your eardrums, all the same), without disturbing those around you, without cluttering your interior, without distorting your decor, and… without breaking the bank, since the HW700DS arrives in France with a public price of 449€ !

So don’t wait any longer to go to Son Cinéma and come and discover the Sony MDR-HW700DS in our shops Or on our website.


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