Sony’s “Signature” MDR-Z1R


SIf you haven’t heard of Sony’s MDR-Z1R headphones yet, then you weren’t at IFA Berlin 2016. this international fair. Accompanied by the NW-Wm1Z audiophile player and the TA-ZH1ES headphone amplifier, together they form Sony’s new premium range: the Signature Series.

The Signature Series

ATefore dwelling a little more on the MDR-Z1R headphones, let’s go back to the sources of its creation, to the reasons which led Sony to produce this trio of unique products which are in truth 4 if we also count the twin player of the NW -WM1Z, the NW-WM1A.

Lhe avowed goal of the Japanese firm with its Signature Series is quite simple: “To push the limits of sonic perfection”. Sony thus wishes to reconnect with audiophile excellence thanks to products that come as close as possible to perfection both in substance and in form. A very beautiful sound often goes hand in hand with a very beautiful case and the “Signature” range is therefore intended to be the standard bearer of all the know-how of the Japanese brand in terms of acoustic design, audio engineering and design.

EIt uses the most innovative analogue and digital technologies and is the result of the joint efforts of Sony’s design and engineering teams. At the time of the 70th anniversary of the brand, they were keen to offer audiophile enthusiasts that we are, sound as pure and perfect as possible for optimal listening pleasure. Every detail is thought out, worked and reworked to elevate every note, capturing and reproducing every subtle variation in sound for faithful reproduction that is both clear and expressive. That’s what to expect with the Z1R high-quality headphones, the ZH1ES headphone amplifier with DA hybrid amplifier circuit and the WM1Z and WM1A Hi-Res Audio Walkman(s).

The MDR-Z1R, the ultimate Hi-Res Audio headset

Lhe democratization of headphones is intimately linked to Sony in its history, and it was time for the brand from the land of the rising sun to create a new indisputable reference in terms of acoustics and sound. It’s done with these Hi-Fi headphones MDR-Z1R “Signature” which represents the technological and conceptual peak of the Japanese giant in search of an ultimate audio experience.

TEverything in this helmet exudes excellence and when you lay your eyes on it, you can easily visualize a master samurai sharpening the blade of his freshly forged sword. It all starts with the organic design where each curve is designed to improve audio quality. From the shape of the package to the signal path on the circuit board; the designers have worked with the engineers to jointly develop the structures, shapes and all the elements that make it possible to achieve superior audio quality. The result is a case with a fluid design and natural curves that reduces vibration and eliminates resonance as much as possible.

LThe MDR-Z1R therefore houses 70 mm HD drivers in these housings capable of reproducing an ultra-high audio frequency of 120 kHz for pure and precise sound like never before. The specially designed acoustic filter, inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, contributes to this by controlling air resistance and eliminating any reverberations. Every detail matters and the only things Sony wants you to hear with these headphones are the music you’re listening to.

Eergonomic, the Z1R is designed so that you benefit from a total and comfortable acoustic immersion. You can count on genuine sheepskin ear pads for this, but also on a circum-aural form factor or even a flexible and light headband in titanium and genuine leather. Robustness is also at the rendezvous with a fixing and adjustment device in thin and rigid aluminum alloy.

RHoused in an elegant satin-lined storage case, the MDR-Z1R is expertly assembled. From materials to welding techniques, the entire assembly and manufacturing chain follows drastic rules and uses the most advanced solutions for the creation of an example. This helmet, which perfectly embodies the “Signature Series”, is made in Japan from the best materials. Each component breathes luxury not in the pompous definition that one can have but in this search for performance and excellence aimed at obtaining the best sound quality.
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