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SteelSeries is not just a name or a brand in the world of gaming and eSports. SteelSeries is above all a state of mind and a gaming philosophy. loves video games and we are delighted today to welcome this great gaming brand and to offer you its most efficient gaming headsets. than the others.

A little history

VSIt was in Denmark and more precisely in Copenhagen that SteelSeries was born under the impetus of Jacob Wolff-Petersen who had the ambition to meet the requirements of “hardcore gamers” by offering them state-of-the-art equipment perfectly adapted to the constraints of their convenient. It was first under the name of “Soft Trading Icemat” that the young Danish company made a name for itself by creating, in 2001, the first glass mouse pad: the aptly named “Icemat”.

Lhe success is there and the first piece of the building was laid for Jacob Wolf-Petersen and his team of engineers who could only continue their momentum. They thus offer innovative peripherals that optimize the experience of both professional and amateur players.

Retro interview of Jacob Wolff-Petersen by CNN (2006):

ATThus in 2006, “Soft Trading Icemat” unveiled the first mechanical gaming keyboard, the “SteelKeys 6G” and its various peripherals caused a sensation on the eSports scene where they were acclaimed by the most fashionable gamers and professional teams. It was in 2007 that “Soft Trading” officially changed its name to SteelSeries. Since then, the Danish manufacturer has never stopped innovating with products that are among the best-sellers in the gaming sphere. The Siberia v2 helmet is a perfect example of this with its exclusive suspended headband system.

SteelSeries creates, SteelSeries innovates and its gaming peripherals are among the most popular with professionals in the industry. The H-Wireless headset has been named “Best Wireless Gaming Headset” by “PC Gamer” and the most successful teams in the global eSports scene such as “Fnatic LOL” or “Evil Geniuses” use SteelSeries hardware. You can only trust SteelSeries, which exudes quality gaming and eSports.

A rich and varied range of helmets

SteelSeries wishes more than anything to satisfy fans, players of all stripes and professional eSport teams with equipment that combines performance, innovation, design, comfort and ergonomics. The Danish manufacturer has developed over the years an armada of headsets compatible with all existing platforms. Whether you are a PC gamer, a Mac® computer gamer or a PS4™ or Xbox One home console gamer to name only the latest generations; there’s a SteelSeries headset for you.

RFind the excellence of the Danish house through the different ranges of Siberia headsets that adapt to all budgets whatever your gaming platform. Ranging from the entry level from 49€, you have at your disposal helmets for every desire. The mid-range will satisfy most of you with the v3 Prism series or the Siberia 300 series. For the most demanding of pro and amateur players, high-end models such as the SteelSeries 9H, the Siberia 650 and the magnificent Siberia 800, P800 and X800 which are the worthy descendants of H-Wireless will meet all your expectations.

Innovative helmets at all levels

VSach SteelSeries helmet benefits from characteristics specific to or common to its range that define the brand’s DNA.

LPerformance is expressed through quality transducers that deliver a natural and rich sound offering maximum power without losing detail clarity. The acoustic chambers are carefully designed and the components are carefully selected in order to offer the best possible acoustics.

AT To these transducers, Dolby® certification can be added, allowing certain headphones to offer Dolby® Surround 7.1 sound. In total immersion, no nuance escapes you and you can precisely define the direction from which the various sound effects of your game come. almost endless audio settings.

Lomfort and ergonomics are closely linked to offer you helmets that are perfectly suited to all users with the suspended headband and automatic head port adjustment systems as with the Siberia 200 or 650 series. will have seemed so pleasant to wear, especially since the headphones are generally equipped with memory foam pads covered in leather or imitation leather. Your ears are comfortably installed and isolated in headphones with a circum-aural design and closed acoustic architecture.

PSince we are talking about design, aesthetics are always highly sought after and the finish is exemplary. But what do you think of the LED lighting system offering customization up to 16.8 million colors for the Elite range for example? Other specific versions like the Siberia v2 frost Blue offer special lighting but the effect is still very pleasant to see.

Deasily accessible controls, a retractable unidirectional microphone with active noise reduction; everything in SteelSeries headsets is designed to make it easy to use and allow you to fully enjoy the soundtrack of the game as well as conversations in Chat or with your loved ones. You communicate easily while concentrating on the action unfolding before your eyes.

ATA major player in the video game industry, steelSeries creates innovative new products designed specifically for the eSports scene and for passionate gamers, here and abroad. For more than ten years, the Danish manufacturer has been developing beautiful products with innovative features and whose qualities go beyond borders. Today, it is at that you can find a wide selection of SteelSeries helmets for the happiness of your ears.

Discover our selection of SteelSeries gaming headsets for PC, Mac™ and Xbox One and PS4™ consoles.


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