Technics is in place, and for a long time!


After a very noticeable comeback in 2014, and a great year in 2015, Technics confirms in 2016 with high-end electronics that are both efficient and elegant. Three new products are now available at BH, including an all-in-one system, a connected amplifier, and audiophile headphones. Japan Rules!

Technics EAH-T700 Hi-Fi headphones

The Technics EAH-T700 headphones are oriented towards High-resolution audio, like all the elements presented in this short article. It is able to cover an incredible bandwidth, which extends from 3 Hz to 100 kHz. We owe this feat to the use of a 50 mm transducer supported by a 14 mm super tweeter. The latter have a specific inclination, and the whole is integrated in a floating position in an anti-reverberation aluminum structure. Is it necessary to specify that the sound obtained is very current, with a ton of details, a beautiful dynamic and a great precision? It is very easy to power (28 Ohms) and can also receive an optional balanced cable…

Technics SU-G30 connected amplifier

Much more than a simple amplifier, the Technics SU-G30 is also an ultra-advanced network player (Airplay, DLNA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Spotify…), and an excellent digital-analog converter (PCM 32 Bits/ 384 kHz and DSD 11.2MHz via asynchronous USB). It all starts with Class D amplification of 2×50 Watts RMS (8Ohms), wonderfully served by a JENO circuit associated with a battery-powered clock generator and a high-precision sampling converter… The symmetrical internal diagram is integrated into an all-metal double chassis, and uses only High End components, including a new highly efficient switching power supply. LAPC technology for optimum gain and phase characteristics with any loudspeaker.

Technics SU-C550 All-in-One System

The all-in-one Technics SU-C550 system is none other than the version without speakers of the SC-C500! This unit concentrates a 2x50W amplifier, an Airplay/DLNA/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi network player, a CD/R/RW player, and a 32-Bit / 192 kHz DAC converter. All the brand’s flagship technologies are present, with the famous JENO circuit and LAPC load-adaptive phase calibration. The amplification scheme is inherited from the SU-G30, with a battery-powered clock generator, and PWM (Class D) modules. There is a type A USB port for connecting an iPhone or reading Hi-Res files from a USB key, and a type B USB port for connecting a Mac/PC computer (PCM 32/192 + DSD 5.6). The headphone jack is on the front, and an optical input is available on the back.

Well, still no fresh news concerning the future SL-1200G/GAE whose limited edition is planned for this summer, but all the same very beautiful products to put in your mouth… Technics is indeed back!


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