The gaming headset, versatility to the ears


VSAt BH, we love headphones in all their forms: simple, in-ear headphones, Hi-Fi headphones, TV headphones, mobile headphones and of course gaming headphones. If the latter had the reputation of being the poor relation of headphones without any real audiophile scope; there is nothing today. The gaming headset has gained its acclaim as the soundtrack of video games has gained in complexity and quality. The development of co-operative multiplayer gaming and audio chat services has also helped the gaming headset become more competitive in every sense of the word. Thus, the gaming audio headset now offers a versatility rarely seen on an audio headset.

Sthere is a gaming headset for every experience, it is worth making a brief inventory of the different headsets you may encounter. First of all, when choosing your headset, you must clearly define the platform on which you will use it. Indeed, the gaming headset of your choice does not necessarily suit all gaming platforms and all experiences.

PFor example, the PC audio gaming headset generally offers two possibilities for connecting to your gaming computer. The first is quite common since it is a double 3.5mm analog jack connector. One is dedicated to your computer’s microphone jack to transmit your voice when you play online. The other analog 3.5 jack connector supports the audio signal.

Lhe other way to connect your gaming headset to your computer is to use a USB port. Thus, some headsets have a male type A USB connector that allows your computer to recognize your headset as a sound card when it is connected to it. This type of connection allows you to benefit from more advanced audio technologies such as access to an equalizer or the possibility of editing user profiles with your audio preferences. Audio customization is thus highlighted and depending on the characteristics of the headphones you can even take advantage of spatialization and so-called 3D sound.

LGaming headsets dedicated to home consoles reuse certain PC headset recipes by offering a few additional possibilities. As for both Sony and Microsoft® consoles, you can first connect your gaming headset to the 3.5 audio jack port on the controller. The connectors of these headsets are of the 4-pole type, thus making it possible to combine audio and voice. Of course, using a specific “2 to 1” adapter, you can also use a PC headset equipped with a double connector on the jack of a home console if the headset is 100% compatible.

LA second possibility, like the PC headset, is to use the console’s USB port. Just like the PC headset, the USB port recognizes the headset as an external sound card. The little + is also to be able to exploit the possibilities of wireless thanks to a Bluetooth® connection. You gain freedom of movement and use with a wireless Bluetooth® headset. The latter will still need to recharge either by USB via the console or via an external charging base.

Lhe Bluetooth® isn’t the only wireless connection technology your gaming headset can use. Just like TV headsets, some headsets can use radio frequencies to transmit the audio signal, such as the Kunai Wireless gaming headset. the Astro range of headphones use high-quality Kleer™ wireless technology. The headset is then no longer connected to the console but to an external transmitter which is connected to your console, your TV or even your PC.

Lhe latest-generation home consoles have a weapon to multiply the possibilities offered by a compatible gaming headset. This is of course their optical port. The latter allows compatible gaming headsets to fully exploit the multi-channel soundtracks of your favorite video games. Thanks to an external box that acts as a headphone amplifier and a wired or wireless transmitter, your headphones benefit from Dolby® 5.1 and even 7.1 Surround sound for the most advanced configurations.

ATthus, if we take one of the latest successes of the French video game publisher Ubisoft®: The Division”. the brand new Ubisoft® license has earned more than 330 million dollars in its first 5 days on the market. This TPS with RPG and MMO DNA, which smashed a number of records when it was released, offers a soundtrack in DTS™ Digital Surround and Dolby® Digital formats. A headset compatible and taking advantage of Surround spatialization or capable of offering a multi-channel experience will allow you to completely immerse yourself in the post-epidemic universe of this game. In addition, by exploring a massively multiplayer universe, headsets equipped with a omnidirectional microphone will allow you to be heard by your “brothers” in arms in PVE missions or in the “Dark Zone”.

Dn another register, the next one which is likely to unleash passions is undoubtedly the next and last opus of the saga on the famous treasure hunter by the name of Nathan Drake: “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End”.

VSAs you can see, there are as many gaming headsets as there are gaming platforms and ways to play. Some headsets in their best configurations are even cross-platform to the delight of gamers. So you can have a single headset and use it for your PC, your home console and even your portable console, your smartphone or enjoy your movies. It knows how to adapt and offer more or less the same sound possibilities on each of the platforms. So you can have a single headset and use it for your PC, your home console and even your portable console, your smartphone and even enjoy your movies with a “cinema” profile. It knows how to adapt and offer more or less the same sound possibilities on each of the platforms. Whether you are a new or experienced player or simply a versatile user; there is a gaming headset that will enhance your audio experience and dress your ears as they should.


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