The most beautiful High-End Helmets space is at BH Boulogne!


BH Parmentier and Boulogne are privileged places for lovers of Audio Headphones… You already know that. But if you want to go a little further in your tests, or if you appreciate prestigious Hi-Fi headphones, then you have found a new Eden!

In addition to the many headphones for free listening, BH offers you a unique space in France, entirely dedicated to the most beautiful achievements of this universe! The most prestigious brands are exhibited there, and you can find all their flagship models… Such a choice and such products, it’s only at BH, in Boulogne!

Listen to a Beyer Dynamic T1 and its A1 amp… Savor the delights of the Stax SRS-3170 / SRM-323S couple… Convince yourself of the performance of a Sennheiser HD800… No other space in the whole of Ile-de-France offers you such a large choice, and such elitist products! Comfortable and intimate, this High-End Headphones corner will allow you to test the sound of this or that model in real conditions, in order to make the choice that best suits your ears!
Alongside the tenors of the category Stax, Sennheiser and BeyerDynamic, you can find illustrious manufacturers such as Grado (mmmmh, the PS1000…), Audio Technica (including the famous ATH-W5000), or even AKG (and its amazing K701)… In all, nearly 20 very high-end helmets are on display, and which you can test freely. It doesn’t matter how long you take!

Come and visit without further delay the most beautiful high-end helmet space in all of France at the BH store located in Boulogne! Pleasure and emotion guaranteed… Don’t forget your CDs and files!

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