The Top 2012 of the best Docks and Headphones by Stuff!


At BH, we like the magazine Stuff… And not only for the pretty girls who are judiciously exposed to it! Why then ? Because this monthly magazine is both trendy, high-tech, and rather entertaining to read…

At the end of the year, the fashion is for selections, Best Of, Wish lists… The magazine Stuff is no exception to this rule, by offering a Top Docks and Headphones 2012 particularly attractive. So here are some ideas in case you are still hesitating!

Top Docks 2012:

JBL OnBeat Xtreme: the most iPad!
The Stuff review: “Ideal for owners of iOS devices (iPhone, iTouch or iPad), this docking station is a sensation with powerful yet balanced sound. »
Bluetooth / Dock iPod-iPhone-iPad / multimedia USB / 120 Watts / iOS-Android
Price : 450€ 389€

LG ND8520 (The Cube): the most stylish!
The Stuff review: “Pretty to look at and pleasant to listen to, the LG Cube knows how to adapt to the different sources available to it, both from Apple and from others. »
Airplay / Bluetooth / FM Tuner / iPod-iPhone-iPad Dock / 80 Watts / iOS-Android
Price : 350€ 279€

Samsung DA-E750: the most audiophile!
Stuff’s opinion: “This high-end and elegant docking station is a great way to rediscover your digital titles from many audio sources. »
Airplay / Bluetooth APT-X / Dual Dock iOS-Android / USB / 100 Watts / iOS-Android
Price: 699€

Parrot Zikmu Solo: the most elegant!
The Stuff review: “Not only does the Parrot Zikmu Solo speaker benefit from a simple and refined design, but it offers excellent musicality for all audio sources. »
Bluetooth / DLNA / Wi-Fi / iPod-iPhone Dock / NFC / 100 Watts / iOS-Android
Price: 799€

Sony RDP-XA900iP: the most Airplay!
The Stuff review: “Extremely easy to use, the Sony RDP-XA900iP docking station delivers dynamic and powerful sound, sufficient to add sound to a living room or bedroom. »
Airplay / Bluetooth / Dock iPod-iPhone-iPad / 200 Watts / iOS-Android
Price : 599€ 519€

Top Mini Docks 2012:

Philips ORD7100: the most retro!
The Stuff review: “Contemporary sound and connectivity with a retro look. »
TunerFM / Dock iPod-iPhone / Alarm + Timer
Price: 199€

JBL Flip: the most stylish!
The Stuff review: “Easy to transport and pleasant to listen to, the Flip is a brilliant companion to your getaways. »
Wireless / Bluetooth / Battery / iOS-Android
Price : 130€ 119€

Logitech Mini Boombox: the most powerful!
The Stuff review: “With only 2 loudspeakers, the Mini Boombox surprises with its dynamism. »
Wireless / Bluetooth / Battery / iOS-Android
Price: €64.9

Jawbone Jambox: the most pop!
The Stuff review: “in addition to offering good sound, the jambox can be used as a hands-free kit. A complete system, then. »
Wireless / Bluetooth / Battery / iOS-Android
Price : 200€ 179€ (Also available in Big Jambox version)

Top helmets 2012:

Parrot Zik by Starck: the most High-Tech!
The Stuff review: “Once screwed on the head, this helmet makes you forget everything that may be around. Despite everything, you stay in touch. »
Bluetooth / Microphone + Remote control / Noise reduction / 10Hz-20kHz / iOS-Android
Price: €347.9

Harman BT: the most stylish!
The Stuff review: “With its polished design, the Harman BT headphones stand out from other products while offering high quality sound. »
Bluetooth / Microphone + Remote / 16Hz-20kHz / iOS-Android
Price: 250€

B&W P5: the most elegant!
The Stuff review: “If you’re looking for maximum compactness, elegance, and high-quality music reproduction, the P5 is for you. »
24 Ohms / Microphone + Remote / 120 dB / 10Hz-20kHz / iOS
Price : 300€ 279€

Beats Studio: the most boom boom!
The Stuff review: “As always good at transcribing dynamic music, the Studio knows how to get noticed when needed! »
Microphone + Remote / Detachable cable / Noise reduction / iOS-Android
Price : 350€ 258€

Philips Fidelio L1: the most audiophile!
The Stuff review: “This High-Fidelity headset is a real success from all points of view. It contains all the know-how that has made the reputation of Philips in this highly disputed field. »
24 Ohms / Microphone + Remote / 120 dB / 10Hz-20kHz / iOS
Price: €278.9

SkullCandy Aviator: the most retro!
The Stuff review: “The Aviator produces good quality sound and is sure to be a hit on your head as you walk around. »
65 Ohms / Microphone + Remote control / Braided nylon cable / 20Hz-20kHz / iOS
Price : 160€ 89.9€

And that’s it for Stuff! You can find the complete review of these products, as well as tons of information and numerous tests, by obtaining the latest issue 27 Special Issue of Stuff ! Happy reading to all 😉


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