The Yamaha PRO range of headphones has arrived!


The Yamaha PRO range of headphones has arrived on our shelves, ready to welcome your ears, and to be crushed by your little fingers! Give it a listen, it’s worth the detour…

The fury of the helmet does not weaken a hair at the beginning of the year 2013! Yamaha had announced its HPH-PRO range a few months ago, and this series is now joining the ranks of our gigantic space dedicated to helmets (the largest in all of France!!!)… First impressions are excellent!

Not surprising given the history of this firm over a century old (Yamaha blew its 125th candle in 2012), and all the know-how it has acquired in the field of recording studios, professional sound systems, or even in musical instruments. What to expect from the HPH-PRO range? Yamaha indeed promises us a “studio” quality sound, in a closed chassis with an aesthetic mixing nervousness and elegance… of 40 mm (impedance of 53 Ohms). Next comes the HPH-PRO400 (23 Ohms) circumaural headphones, which add detachable wiring, and 500mm speakers with neodymium magnets. We gain not only in precision, but also in the rendering of the bass. Finally, the highest-end model in this series is the HPH-PRO500 (23 Ohms), which benefits from much more powerful speakers. The HPH-PRO500 also offers a very valuable additional feature: they allow, thanks to their 3.5 mm Mini-jack output, to connect another headset in cascade in order to listen to the same music as your neighbor, using a only one source (daisy chain). Finally, all these HPH-PRO headsets are equipped with a certified iDevices (iPod/iPhone/iPad) microphone and remote control.

A very nice series therefore, which will be the subject of a more thorough test shortly… We just give them time to get used to it! Yam fans will have noticed the presence of the Race Blue color, inherited from the brand’s competition bikes… An HPH-PRO on your YZ250?? Total class!

Video presentation of the Yamaha HPH-PRO range!


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