Top 5 sports intras of summer 2015!


You may have already noticed, lately a new category ” Sports Helmets appeared at BH to help you choose the best acoustic companion during physical activity. The season being at the resumption of efforts, the occasion seems favorable for a small top 5 of the best sports helmets of the summer!

When wireless makes sense

Besides its really nice Epic Fail ads, the in-ear headset JBL Reflect BT really caught our ears with the excellent value for money it represents. Combining innovative features with great ergonomics, this in-ear headset offers a touch of Wireless with the integration of Bluetooth technology that is unusual for headphones! This allows it to free itself from its cumbersome cable to receive music remotely directly from a compatible smartphone or tablet.

When you know how unpleasant it is to have your cable pulled out of your ears while jogging, you can easily see that wireless takes on its full meaning here. Especially since behind this small technological feat, hides a good autonomy of 5 hours who really has nothing to be ashamed of bluetooth headsets specially dedicated. This leaves plenty of time to burn through any musical playlist during a gentle or intensive sports session. And to be sure never to touch his reader a remote control and a microphone are present on the cable to make calls and control the music !

Intra-sport Dr Dre sauce

the Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless is surely one of the best solutions to encourage you in your efforts. Launched with a lot of advertising with ambassadors such as King Lebron James or Serena Williams, this sports helmet from the Dr Dre brand has it all! For this he also takes advantage of Bluetooth technology freeing it from its cable but also of a beautiful ergonomics, this helmet adopting a adjustable hoop around the ear to guarantee a solid grip. As for the transducers, they are carried by a small extension taking them directly inside the hearing aid for perfect pairing.

The result is a truly optimal capacity for movement, we never worry about the headphones slipping out of the ear, which gives us more time to stay focused on our work. True to Beats craftsmanship, the Powerbeats2 Wireless delivers precise sound with powerful bass which will not be too much to punctuate the intensity of your sessions. Finally, this helmet hasa microphone with remote control and IPX4 certification providing ideal protection against splashes, making this helmet very effective indoors and outdoors.

It’s young, it’s hip, it’s Bose Freestyle

It was hard for us to think that Bose was going to get into sport and yet the prestigious American brand is also asserting its sound rights on the training grounds by unveiling the Freestyle in-ear helmet ! As its name suggests, Bose has gone completely Freestyle for this headset, which adopts a design and colorful look that is unusual among the manufacturer. And we appreciate the result all the more when it is successful, the colors are sparkling ranging from ice blue to indigo in a very Pop Electro style.

With this concerto of colors one would have thought that Bose had denied its origins, it is not so since the sound offered is still as good with a special mention for the basses which take advantage of the Triport technology made in Bose. In terms of ergonomics, we find the famous StayHear tips with the small hook to adapt them to any type of ear. The microphone and the control on the cable as well as the stylized carrying pouch in the colors of the intras will conclude the ball to make this headset a real traveler in style.

The Sennheiser technology

In the category of manufacturers renowned for their generous bass reproduction, only Sennheiser was missing! The German brand has developed a whole series of intra sport helmets titled 686 offering different wearing options. We thus find a basic model with a simple hook in the earanother with ear hook for more efficient pairing and the last with a headband, which places it at the limit of the headband helmet. You will therefore be spoiled for choice depending on the sport you practice, the arch configuration certainly offering the best freedom of movement.

In terms of design, these helmets reflect their name: very sober! Sennheiser has bet on practicality by offering the neon green as dominant color in order to adapt the visibility of these helmets to technical sportswear. The 686 benefit from a construction very sturdy as well as a splash resistance appreciable in rainy weather. Each model is offered in two versions, one for Android devices and the other for iOS to ensure optimal use of the integrated remote control as well as the microphone integrated into the cable. Finally, these headphones come with a cable clip so they can hang on clothing to prevent the cable from getting tangled for free.

Philips low cost

Finally, for those who do not wish to invest in headphones that are too expensive for sports, the Philips solution is a very good compromise between quality and low price. Here we stay focused on the objective with the SHQ3200 from the Philips Actionfit range. On the program, we find on each of the transducers adjustable shape memory ear hooks with 3 interchangeable tips for a perfect adaptation to the ear.

Sound level the bass of this helmet has been more marked to satisfy the need for dynamism required by a sporting activity. Overall, the construction is ultra robust with an OFC cable reinforced with a Kevlar coating which will not stop the bullets but which will allow it to withstand a violent uprooting without any problem. This helmet is obviously resistant to heat or humidity and comes with a reflective cable tie very practical for night owls sportsmen.

You now have all the information to properly hydrate your ears during your quest for surpassing yourself. These helmets will be able to accompany your efforts as well in a concrete jungle as in the depths of a mystical forest. All you have to do is take your motivation in one hand and your fighting spirit in the other to get started!


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