Ultrasone Edition 5: perfection now has a name… To be discovered at BH from November 23rd!


It’s done: we have just received the final technical characteristics of the Ultrasone Edition 5 headphones, as well as a little topo on its philosophy… Did you think that perfection was out of this world? Now she is, and she even has a nickname!

No need to go there by 4 paths: audiophile headphones Ultrasound Edition 5 is a luxury item, the print run of which is limited to only 555 copies numbered. Its price is therefore logically high, but it is for once legitimate with regard to the materials used, the manufacturing processes or the on-board technologies. A pure marvel, which will be presented to you in preview from November 23rd in our stores!

The culmination of a philosophy of excellence

Helmet Ultrasound Edition 5 is the banner of the builder German. Indeed, from the top of its 3500€, it embodies the top of the Edition range. The firm has opted for the best components available, from HP to structure, without any price restrictions. The shells are therefore made in a single piece of swamp wood, machined by hand, and flanked by 8 layers of varnish successive. Touching the grain of the wood, admiring the finishing details, you quickly realize that each helmet is unique ! For the arch, ultrasound use a metal robust and light, when the earbuds enjoy a luxurious Ethiopian black sheep leather. Okay ?

Finely tuned, titanium-plated 40mm speakers

With this, the helmet Ultrasound Edition 5 adds new speakers, specially made to work with new in-house technology S-Logic EX (We’ll talk about it again later). With a diameter of 40mm, these finely tuned transducers benefit from a plating titanium and a magnet NdFeB. Before being mounted, each transducer is selected and checked by a qualified engineer who carries out a ultra-sophisticated tuning, in order to obtain an identical sound on the left and right channels. Ultra-wide soundstage, depth, naturalness, sense of detail… It’s all there, and nothing comes to nuance this masterpiece.

New S-Logic technology in EX version

You certainly knew the technology S-Logic of Ultrasound. On this Edition 5, we are entitled to the brand new version EX, which further improves the spatialization: “ S-LogicEX adds a third dimension with the orientation of the transducers: the funnel placement with the front facing downwards increases the distance to the ear and intensifies the reflections, giving the music a unique spatial quality » emphasizes Michael Zirkel. In fact, to find an equivalent sound quality with a Hi-Fi system, it will be necessary not only to invest several thousand euros in high-end equipment, but also to carry out the acoustic treatment of your place of listening, for another few thousand extra euros…

Does he catch your eye? U.S. too !!! Appointment on November 23, 2013 in BH stores to discover it in preview! And to be sure to have your Ultrasound Edition 5 (only 555 copies) you can already pre-order it on your favorite website 😉


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