Ultrasone: the whole range is listening at BH!


Does ultrasound speak to you? The German brand has forged a very solid reputation, thanks to very high quality audio headphones… THE headphone company?

The Ultrasound helmets are born near the Alps, in the German town of Wielenbach. Unlike many brands, Ultrasone has only been manufacturing headphones since its inception in 1991 : all their research efforts are therefore concentrated on this specific area! One hell of a good point…

Hi-Fi headphones, monitoring headphones, intra headphones, headphones for smartphones… The Ultrasound range is very complete, and covers all budgets! Thus, from 169€, you can acquire a durable, well-designed helmet with a sound quality that makes many people jealous. Since July 1, Ultrasone has even been part of the prestigious High End Society… To celebrate this, we invite you to come and test the Ultrasone helmets in the Helmet Spaces of the BH stores in Boulogne and Paris !

Unfortunately for our readers, we didn’t have time to try them all… But given the feedback from some forums on the Signature Pro, it seemed unthinkable not to put it on our ears for a few minutes! Admittedly, its massive appearance may put off more than one, but if only the sound matters to you, it is quite exceptional. More than precision, it demonstrates a mind-blowing realismand of an astonishing spatialization: so much so that during your first listening, you will turn around to see if someone is playing an instrument behind you… Yes, I swear!

The contributions of ULE technologies and above all, S-Logic Plus, are striking here. A quick comparison with the famous HD800 reveals certain advantages to be credited to the Signature Pro, including a more natural reproduction, and a tendency towards more assertive realism. Be careful though: listening was done on the headphone output of a Teac CR-H700 system, the HD800 and its 600 Ohms were not in the best conditions to express themselves… In fact, the Signature Pro is a model of versatility, perfect for monitoring, or for audiophile listening from most sources (from the smartphone to the CD player via the PC, etc.).

Discover all Ultrasound helmets on our website, or come and try them directly in stores BH of Boulogne and Paris. You won’t be disappointed, especially since you can always negotiate the prices 😉


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