Until Christmas, BH offers you lots of gifts on Facebook!


The Christmas period is synonymous with many things, but especially gifts! To end the year on a good note, every Friday until Christmas we offer you the chance to win the new Focal Listen headphones. With that, we also offer vinyls, blu-rays, books and many other things… See you on our Facebook page!

Win 1 Focal Listen headphones, vinyls, blu-rays…

For the week of Friday December 02 to Friday December 09, we have hidden 5 logos “BH Christmas” within 5 different product sheets. The first to find a logo is selected for the final draw. There are 5 logos “BH Christmas”, so 5 places for the draw. Note that once a logo has been discovered on a product, it is removed from the game! We will give more and more precise leads as we go along, but here is a little hint for the readers of our blog: the logos “BH Christmas” are hidden in the descriptions of 5 products from the Home-Cinema, High-Fidelity and Headphones universes!

To summarize :

1/ Find one of the 5 “BH Noël” logos hidden in our product sheets.

2/ Take a screenshot, or copy the link of the product concerned.

3/ Post your answer as a comment on Facebook.

4/ Once a logo is revealed, it is removed from the game.

5/ The first to find a logo is qualified for the final draw.

6/ Only 5 places for the draw (1 place per logo).

The results will be published every Friday on our Facebook page! And don’t forget, clues will be revealed every day, so come back to this page regularly 😉


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