Focal Spirit One: spirit are you there?


Helmet Focal Spirit One arouses a lot of interest on the web. It was enough for us to be on the spot! A little test and first impressions of a helmet with a great future…

Expected like the messiah for many months, these headphones Focal Spirit One really has not finished talking about him. And as we had the privilege of having it in our hands, here are our impressions of the most anticipated closed-type circumaural headphones!

The form…

Weighing in at 225 grams, the Focal Headphones Spirit One is pleasant to wear, with a rather luxurious style combining quality materials with a modern design (by Pineau & Le Porcher). The 40 mm speakers benefit from a mylar/titanium construction, for an energetic and precise reproduction of the original signal. The unilateral OFC wiring has the merit of being of excellent quality, and can even be detached if the need arises! The structure has also been the subject of particular care, which results in aluminum shells and a solid padded headband. The assembly is also remarkable, and finally, this confirms the impression of robustness that emanates from this helmet from the first glance. Aluminum remote control and microphone compatible with iPhone as a bonus!

… and the background!

Helmet Focal Spirit One displays a sensitivity of 104 dB, associated with an impedance of 32 Ohms, to be able to be used with a wide variety of sources (walkmans, tablets, smartphones, but also CD player or headphone amplifier), while enjoying powerful sound without having to push the volume to its limits. The ultra-wide bandwidth extends from 6 Hz to 22 kHz, and helps deliver deep, punchy bass. The drums are realistic, the pianos coated with smoothness, the clean bass lines, the nuanced voices and the complexity of the choirs remarkably transcribed. All this, with a good sound depth! From a more general point of view, we can clearly say that these headphones favor listening pleasure over analytical capacity: indeed, even the tracks encoded in MP3 benefited from a very beautiful sound image. This is why from the first bars of a song, you will start tapping your feet or moving your head, rather than trying to find whether this or that timbre is perfectly respected! And we must admit, it does a lot of good…

Thanks to its very well-placed launch price (€199), the long-awaited Focal Spirit One comes directly to the land of the famous Monster Beats headphones. Listening to the HD Store, and this, in total exclusivity!

Find the complete characteristics of the SpiritOne and lots of information in the section Headphones from the BHson website !


Update 07/15/2012: the Focal Spirit One enow available in White

Headset Main Features Focal Spirit One (Pre Data Sheet):

Type: circumaural
Microphone: Yes
Remote control: Yes
Load: Closed
Bandwidth: 6 Hz – 22 kHz
Impedance: 32 Ohms
Sensitivity: 104dB
THD: <0.3%
Connectors: Gold-plated minijack
Cable: 1.2 meters, OFC, detachable
Weight: 225 grams

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