Grado: “Made in Brooklyn” arrives at BH!


Grade? Yes, Grade! We have been waiting for the arrival of this manufacturer on the shelves of BH stores for so long… Our patience is finally rewarded! To discover or rediscover as soon as possible.

All audiophiles and more broadly, all lovers of headphones or phono cartridges know Grado, this manufacturer based in New York, Brooklyn, which still manufactures its helmets in an artisanal way, with heart, passion, and the best possible materials. The House grade has existed since 1953, and its founder Joseph Grado opened the Brooklyn factory in 1955, on the site of the grocery store where his father, originally from Sicily, was once born. Joseph has been a true leader in the design and development of products for the high end audio industry. Moreover, he etched his name forever in the ledger of Hi-Fi, establishing himself as the inventor of the moving coil cartridge. Just that…

With 48 patents, and a history full of prestige, and achievements appearing among the monuments of their field, the Grado family has acquired undisputed legitimacy in audiophile circles and the most demanding installations. Confined to the development of phono cartridges until the end of the 1980s, Joseph Grado began to develop top-of-the-range headphones, which should be as innovative as his cartridges for vinyl turntables are. The result was without appeal, and its High-End headphones conquered the hearts of all lovers of precise and natural sounds.

It is therefore with enthusiasm that we welcome the firm Grado (now headed by John Grado, nephew of Joseph) which for more than half a century has been supplying the Hi-Fi planet with products that have a real soul and are capable of creating emotion. Many times awarded, the Grado helmets are among the best listening devices in the world, joining the Stax and the high-end Sennheiser… All the Grado range is available in our catalog! From 115 to 2000€, there is necessarily a Grado helmet which suits you!

Check out our range of Grado helmets. To try them, see you next week at BH! Finally, for tests and comparisons, we invite you to watch the Blog, Twitter or Facebook.

NB: groove record enthusiasts can be reassured: Grado cartridges are also coming very soon!


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