Headphones for permanent free listening!


Come and test today an impressive number of headsets in permanent free listening, in a privileged and welcoming setting in the heart of Paris!

Would you ever think of investing several hundred euros in a helmet, without even being able to test it? No, and you’re right! Indeed, the choice of a headphones responds to issues specific to you. The sound signature, the ergonomics or the type of design are all decisive elements, which you cannot appreciate without having listened. That’s why, at BH, we offer you the largest selection of headsets in comparative and permanent listening. Listen that!

The headsets are not only intended for listening to music from an MP3 player or a Smartphone. Far from there ! A good helmet can have many applications. In Home-Cinema, to appreciate alone late sessions, but also in Hi-Fi, to compensate for the weaknesses of a stereo system that is a little tight. To choose the right headset, you will need to take into consideration certain important characteristics such as ergonomics (weight, headband, circum-auricular or supra-auricular pads), design (open, closed), sound reproduction (punchy or analytical) and above all, the amount you want to invest. For all these reasons, we consider that a helmet should never be chosen lightly, on a simple photo. This is why we offer you a huge selection of products from the most illustrious current manufacturers, such as Audio Technica, Beyer Dynamic, Denon, AKG, Sennheiser and B&W, but also Monster or Sony. BH is nothing less than “the ear of the Helmet”!

With a hundred helmets free access, BH is the largest listening center in Paris. The Mecca of the helmet? That’s what is said… But we don’t pretend to! We only strive to offer you a wide choice of references, so that your final decision is as judicious as possible. Among all our products, some can be qualified as standards. This is the case of the Denon AH-D5000 Headphones, which, with their beautiful finish and precious materials, know how to restore all the richness of your favorite recordings. We also find the Audio Technica ATH-W1000 Headphones. Luxurious, it exploits the nobility and acoustic qualities of wood, to gratify us with sound sensations similar to those felt with a high-end Hi-Fi system! Another brand, another essential reference: here is the famous Beyer Dynamic T-1. Widely acclaimed by critics around the world for its overflowing musicality, these “Made in Germany” headphones have not finished talking about them.

Depending on your level of requirement and your tastes, you can also find the rare pearl among headsets less expensive, but still very attractive. This is the case of the famous Audio Technica ATH-A700 which is an authority in the segment of headphones under 200 euros. Ample and dynamic, this closed-back headphone will make you tap your feet thanks to its high-performance 53 mm transducers. More famous with the general public, the Monster Beats By Dr Dre headphones are of course part of it. So why not go and have a listen now to the brilliant Monster Beats Pro, which, with its abysmal bass, will delight the most fervent practitioners of urban music. Other trendy and audiophile models are available to you, such as the amazing Audio Technica ATH-ES10, which has acquired the honorary title of “hi-fi on-board speakers”! Finally, we had to write a few lines on the already cult model from the manufacturer AKG, namely the Quincy Jones Q701 headphones. Ultra comfortable and very musical, it does honor to the reputation of its inspiration.

These few references are only a small preview of what you can come and test at the HD Store. No time limit, no restrictions: you are free to try and listen to many headsets, as long as you want. And yes, BH is your privileged comparative listening center, in the heart of the 11th district of Paris. Treat yourself !


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