Headphones Monster Beats by Dr. Dre: the art and the way


The monster headphones have gained considerable popularity thanks to an innovative concept, and their excellent sound reproduction. A little throwback to an epic all in music.

Since 1979, Monster experienced a meteoric rise, which has been accentuated in recent years with the arrival of nomadic urban helmets with particularly pronounced acoustic and aesthetic qualities. Yes, the monster helmets are beautiful, very beautiful. And yes, the products Monster send heavy, very heavy! BHson offers you a brief overview of helmets Monster Beats and their philosophy. Feel the Beats…

The monster helmets have their roots in an atypical partnership, which, when it was announced, caught the attention of a very wide audience. Dr.Dre, a rapper and producer who needs no introduction, always found that most headphones weren’t good enough to reproduce the substance of studio recordings. Engineers struggle to achieve pleasant and balanced mixes, but rare are the headphones capable of reproducing the consistency. Indeed, these sound technicians work with expensive listening systems, which most of the time cost several thousand euros. Dr.Dre and Monster therefore wanted to make this listening quality accessible to as many people as possible, by creating a range of high-performance, stylish studio headphones with an innovative concept. With this series of headphones Monster, you hear the music as it was created!

Among the helmets Monster Beats by Dr. Dre, we find the famous Monster Beats Studio. This helmet is nothing less than the soul and the banner of the brand. This, because he wears the colors of Monster very high on almost the entire planet. And it’s not a formula… How many times have you met him in the street or in a movie? Dozens, if not more. And for good reason: these headphones have won over many listeners because of their undeniable acoustic qualities. Lovers of good bass will sing the praises of Monster for having graced them with a bass that we will qualify as abyssal. The sensations are as much physical as auditory, and you are no longer content to listen to the music: you live it, you feel it, as you always should have done. Another reference, another flagship model.

Helmet Monster Beats Pro is the most premium of the manufacturer’s on-ear products. During its development, Monster technicians collaborated with sound engineers and audio professionals. The one and only goal was to achieve stellar acoustic quality, which could remain accessible to as many people as possible. Particularly suited to the tastes of urban music lovers, these headphones show excellent results across the entire spectrum. The different frequency registers are very well reproduced, with, as always, a special mention for the bass. You can even connect several headphones in series, thanks to the exclusive integrated input/output!

And then there are also in-ear models, smaller in size of course, but with a preserved sound signature. At the heart of these, we can note the presence of a beautiful tribute to one of the most influential rappers in the entire history of rap: Mr. Sean Combs, better known under the pseudonym of Puff Daddy (P.Diddy ). This in-ear headphones Monster Diddy Beats is a real little gem, as luxurious as it is efficient, just like the man who gave it life. Thanks to these headphones, you will be able to feel all the emotion that the artists have put into their music. Luxurious, it combines the refinement of leather with the modernism of polished steel, to adapt perfectly to your tastes, but also to your wardrobe! A very trendy helmet, resolutely “street”, to put again in all hands.

This concludes this brief article. As you will have understood, these headphones have excellent audio properties, and take advantage of an innovative concept. To listen to a recording in the way that its producer intended, or to simply appreciate your music in an optimal and trendy way, it is difficult to do better. And if you haven’t found what you’re looking for among this small selection, you can find the entire range of monster helmets on our website. Thank you Monster !


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