Headphones, the trendiest fashion accessory of the moment!


Headphones have become a real fashion accessory, and manufacturers compete in ingenuity to produce ever more elegant and enticing headphones.

Moreover, to be sure to please a man, a woman, a teenager or a young adult, there is no surer value! Headphones? This is THE ultimate trendy gift for the end of 2011…

To have class, opt for a helmet that matches your style! For this, you have at your disposal a wide choice of colors, ranging from classic white to the most acid colors, through elegant or seductive patterns, worthy of the creations of certain great fashion designers. Whether you want to move around while showing your whimsical side, or on the contrary go unnoticed, there is necessarily a helmet in our dedicated shop that will suit your personality… Or your clothing style! Also consider the shape of your future helmet, which should be comfortable in addition to being attractive. On this point, several forms of headphones coexist, with mainly two types: the circum-auricular, and the supra-auricular. The latter type of headphones rests on your ears, while the former surrounds the hearing aid.

But beyond the look, not all helmets have the same technical characteristics. Thus, some will be much more suitable than others for nomadic use. To choose the right helmet, we suggest you follow these few modest but wise tips. In general, the impedance of your headphones must be less than 100 Ohms, if you want to use it on your Smartphone. Beyond that, you may feel a lack of power… Another element to watch out for is the sound. Some like the omnipresence of ultra-round bass, while others prefer balance and subtlety. On this point, a little listening to the HD Store will help you make the right choice. Finally, if you plan to use your headset as a hands-free kit, remember to check its compatibility with your music player/smartphone/tablet (Android, iOS, BB OS, etc.).

Fashion is in headphones so don’t miss the opportunity to be fashionable, enjoying your favorite music everywhere and in all circumstances. Big sound and style, that’s all it takes!


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