Image One, a portable headband headset from Klipsch


Klipsch has been offering headband headphones for a few weeks, a novelty that completes the range of headphones from this brand. Until now, it only offered in-ear headphones, still up to par with one of the most famous American speaker brands.

Helmet Picture One is extremely comfortable and offers very effective passive noise isolation thanks to padded leather ear cushions that perfectly surround and isolate the ear, firmly but without excessive pressure. The brand has gone to great lengths to make the cable of this headphone very robust. Thicker to minimize tangling, it is molded into the plug to improve its strength. These headphones have also successfully undergone tests that have tested their solidity and their ergonomic suitability in real situations.

L’Picture One integrates a quality microphone on its connection cable (operating at 360° with echo cancellation, allowing your correspondent to hear you perfectly regardless of the ambient noise around you), plus 3 buttons to answer calls or control the music from an iPhone, iPod or iPad. This will allow fans of the Apple brand to discover Klipsch sound.

Equipped with a 40mm KG 150 membrane, thePicture ONE covers a wide frequency range (16Hz – 23kHz). It is dynamic, offering detail with a warm and realistic sound. Performances in line with the Klipsch philosophy which has always tended towards a dynamic reproduction as close as possible to reality, with here a special treatment of the bass reproduced with vigor. Finishes dominated by black, leather and silver: theImageOne, in addition, looks good. In its range, do not miss this helmet less popular than many of its competitors, but better in many areas!

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