It’s raining helmets at BH!


You wanted headphones? Here you are royally served. BH indeed welcomes new headsets in its huge selection… And it’s not about to stop!

Our space dedicated to headphones continues to grow, and currently offers one of the largest choices in France in this area. Welcome to the helmet kingdom!

Today we welcome two brands that are entering the BH catalogue: West and Urbanears ! Wesc, the most fashionable Swedish brand, has made a lot of noise since it started designing headphones. Resolutely trendy and colorful like the seductive Conga, Wesc helmets are also intended for more intensive use. The robust DJ headphones Bassoon is the perfect example. Mixing in style? It is a sine qua none condition for successful evenings! Other models should arrive very soon, so don’t hesitate to let us know your expectations.

Finally, the most significant achievements of the brand are none other than the helmets Chambers by RZA. Available in versions street and Premium, they became cult even before they were released on the market! Moreover, they are all out of stock on the manufacturer’s website… This is what happens when the most emblematic member of the Wu-Tang Clan meets the trendiest brand from the north. And believe me, they have more than enough to rival (surpass?) their direct competitors, the Monster Beats by Dre Studio and Solo HD. Imminent arrival at your BH store!

Let’s continue this article with the latest products from NuForce, the most dynamic audio company from California. Do you think that a good pair of intra must necessarily be expensive? Think again ! NuForce headsets NE-600X and NE-770X, respectively displayed at 29€ and 59€, will amaze you with their voluntarism and the consistency of the sound they broadcast. And guess what, the rumor says that they are manufactured in the same factories as Monster… We let you judge the validity of this rumor!

This is also an opportunity for us to announce an event that has been awaited on the web for several months, namely the arrival at the HD Store of the helmet Focal Spirit One. So the spirit is finally among us, and we invite you to get in touch with it as soon as possible! Head nods guaranteed, and shivers of pleasure guaranteed… Do not hesitate to consult our article about this new headphones signed Focal.

And then we could not forget to drop you a word about the new high-end helmet from the factories of the German manufacturer Sennheiser, I named the famous HD 800. Given the enthusiasm it provokes in specialized circles, we will not fail to give you a detailed test shortly. To get it, it’s in store that it happens!

You will have easily understood: trendy, nomadic or high-end, the audio headset adapts today to all your desires… And at BH no blabla, everything can be tested in store (except the intra)! What are you waiting for to display your musical character in style?

Wesc: ultra-trendy helmets – video spot:

Wesc: The Wait – video spot:

Wesc: Chambers by RZA – video teaser:

Urbanears: colorful helmets – video:

Sennheiser: HD 800 made in Germany – video:

Download our complete review of the Focal Spirit One at PDF Format.


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