Sennheiser HD 700: you knew the King, here is the Prince!


After the success of the HD 800, a true marvel of the helmet universe, Sennheiser returns with the brilliantissime HD700. Only one question then comes to mind: how does it compare with its big brother, and what are their main differences…

Sennheiser HD 700

First observation: the Sennheiser HD 700 is lighter than its big brother, from which it takes up the main lines and technologies. Thus, from the top of its 270 grams, it is about 20% lighter, and embeds 40 mm loudspeakers instead of the 56 mm transducers so expensive in the HD800. Once connected to a source, this Sennheiser HD 700 proves to be easier to power, thanks to an impedance of 150 Ohms (compared to 300 Ohms for its elder): it can therefore easily be associated with a smartphone (adapter required) or a computer, but will still reveal the best of it -even with a good headphone amp.

As far as the sound itself is concerned, we quickly notice that the Sennheiser HD 700 is slightly more carnal (one could speak of warmth) than the HD800. This, no doubt because of a different orientation in the reproduction of the treble, which turns out to be a bit less airy, and a bit less surgical. The bass is tighter than on an HD800, but with a little less depth. The stereo image remains super deep, with a very slight advantage for the HD800 (even if the HD700 differs by a more pronounced speed of execution). Less forgiving than its little brother, the HD 800 will not forgive the weaknesses of certain recordings, or the biases taken by the studio engineer during the mixing. Indeed, an imbalance of the registers can easily disconcert you, whereas it will pass more “unnoticed” on the HD700

more tolerant, HD700 is an excellent choice for those who wish to have all the advantages of high-end headphones, without the subtleties that reserve them for an elite audiophile. Thus, a tired ear will find it more difficult to have fun with an HD800, than with an HD700. Admittedly, you have a less wide soundstage, but which paradoxically sounds more realistic, or a little less “overrated”… Your choice! Finally, to end this comparison, note that once in hand, the HD800 conveys a more assertive impression of robustness than the HD700, thanks to a structure using different materials, and thanks to a smaller size. But the weight is accordingly.

the Sennheiser HD 700 judiciously fills a void in the range of Sennheiser Hi-Fi headphones, positioning itself between the HD650 and the HD 800. Without considering the respective prices of these headphones, we can clearly say that the HD800 is aimed more at a public anxious to have the most analytical sound possible, while the HD700 is easier to understand (whether in terms of power supply or sound reproduction). Either way, Sennheiser fu***ng rocks 😉

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Video teaser of the Sennheiser HD700 headphones:


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