Sennheiser HD800: 60 years of heritage know-how!


After several days of intensive testing, numerous FLACs, as many CDs and a few hours of HD streaming, here is our sincere feeling on the standard of the German manufacturer, the famous Sennheiser headphones. HD800

The firm founded by Doctor Fritz Sennheiser has come a long way since its creation in 1945, in the village of Wennebostel. Long appreciated for its famous microphones, but also for the distribution of Neumann products, Sennheiser has produced headphones that are among the best achievements of their kind. Flagship of this German manufacturer, the HD 800 has been talked about a lot since its launch. After an intensive test carried out by our team, we have decided to give you our impressions. Reading…

Before moving on to the sound, let’s dwell for a moment on the characteristics of this open-type circum-auricular headphones. At the heart of the beast, there are huge transducers, which are according to the manufacturer, the largest used so far in a helmet! They are contained in stainless steel shells, themselves fixed on uprights and a roll bar using certain technologies from the aerospace industry. Even the wiring is of excellent quality, with a composition made of 4 Kevlar-reinforced OFC strands, to jointly ensure resistance to disturbances and optimal conductivity.

Comfort… This is an essential element for a helmet of this type, given that you will spend long hours with it. Pleasant to wear, Sennheiser HD800 weighs only 350 grams, and it’s hard to believe that a headset of this size (a circum-auricular anyway, we’re not talking about a little nomad!) is placed on the head. The headband is probably not totally unrelated to this… Ditto for the soft ear cups, which perfectly envelop the hearing aid, and benefit from very high quality microfiber manufacturing. After one hour, two hours then three hours of listening, still no physical or even auditory fatigue!

As for sound HD 800, Sennheiser did it big. No more question of design, design, comfort: here, we focus only on the audio rendering. And what a rendering! The specific orientation of the loudspeakers (slight inclination) allows a reproduction comparable to that obtained with high-end loudspeakers: the spatialization of the sound is exceptional, and the listening pleasure incomparable. Moreover, rare are the headphones that have such a natural sound, all price ranges combined.

The bass is fast, with a very nice depth, without ever falling into caricature or excess. The midrange is impeccable, and the treble shows delicious airiness. All the nuances of the recordings, regardless of style (Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical…), have been reproduced with great success. For our tester, this is THE helmet to buy in this price range. “We never get tired of it”! Balance, precision, naturalness, purity… Perfect headphones for Hi-Fi, studio monitoring, and above all, the most advanced audiophile applications!

Come and listen to the Sennheiser HD 800 (and all other models of Sennheiser headphones) now in BH stores, to judge for yourself its many qualities.. You can even play with your favorite music (CD, MP3, FLAC, WAV…)! In the meantime, we’ll make your mouth water with two rather nice little videos… See you soon!

Video of Sennheiser HD800 headphones (short clip):

Video of Sennheiser HD 800 headphones (presentation) :

Find the full HD800 brochure by following this link.


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