Stax: the king of electrostatic headphones is finally at BH!


No, it’s not the legendary American Soul label, but the mythical Japanese audio headset manufacturer. Elevated to the rank of Holy Grail by the Audiophile community, some of the very high-end Stax helmets are now on permanent listening in your BH store!

The best Hi-Fi headphones in the world are rolling in at BHson ! This is an opportunity for us to write a brief article on these real “sound reproduction instruments”, providing some details about their electrostatic technology.

Stax helmets differentiate themselves from the outset by offering electrostatic transducers, very different from the usual dynamic speakers present on the vast majority of helmets. First advantage of this technology: over a given period of time, an electrostatic transducer delivers twice as much information as a dynamic HP. The audio rendering is teeming with detail, and all the micro-information contained in your music is transcribed with extreme precision. Materials side, an electrostatic HP takes advantage of an extremely thin polymer film, which is much lighter in weight than most other materials (including mylar and paper!). The sound performance is therefore raised to a level that no dynamic headphones can reach. So much so that you will rediscover the definition of the word “transparency”… Moreover, the other – highly significant – advantage of this technology lies in its absence of magnet, and therefore, magnetic distortions. The purity of the signal is simply amazing! So yes, this technology is expensive, but it is so convincing that it is really difficult to go back to another helmet…

You are still here ? Don’t wait any longer, come live this unique experience in the BH stores, in a warm setting, if only to refine your Hi-Fi High-End culture… Of course, a selection of Stax helmets also waiting for you on our site, as well as a space specially dedicated to the Stax brand!


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