The Focal Spirit One is available at the HD Store


Find it SpiritOne through Focal listening at the HD Store: one of the best current innovations in Nomad headphones.

the Focal Spirit One is the very first headphones from the famous French Hi-Fi brand. A unique opportunity to discover and benefit from Focal’s audiophile expertise applied to the design and production of these exceptional headphones, which in terms of quality can claim first place in the range of high-end mobile headphones!

the Focal Spirit One join dozens of others headsets available for free listening at the BH HD Store, in all ranges. Mobile headphones, high-fidelity, in-ear, wireless headphones: BH remains today the ideal place to choose from all the models on the market, our space dedicated to audio headphones is constantly growing and offering to date one of the largest choices in France in this area. Also available by phone at 0825 30 10 80…

For a more thorough test, we recommend reading our article on the Spirit One. You can also check the full specifications and get valuable information about our website (test benches, video, characteristics, arguments, etc.).

Happy reading… and see you soon at the HD Store!


Update 07/15/2012: the Focal Spirit One enow available in White

Sale price: 199€


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