Which pair of intra for which Smartphone?


“Works with iPhone” earphones, Android certified, BlackBerry compatible… There is really something to drown in this ocean of in-ear headphones. Here is an article to keep your head above water!

This article starts from a simple observation: a pair of in-ear headphones for iPhone is not necessarily compatible with an Android, BlackBerry or HTC smartphone. This is why we have decided to publish these few lines, which will help you choose the right in-ear headphones. No more disappointment possible! Of course, these references are only examples, and you can find all our in-ear headphones in our dedicated area.

For Apple iPhones:

Let’s start this little overview with the iPhone-certified in-ear headphones, equipped with a microphone and a remote control. First and foremost, we can cite the Monster iBeats and its well-rounded bass! Like all “works with iPhone” headsets, it features a microphone and quick access keys to effectively control music playback, but above all, to answer phone calls. the B&W C5 shares the same “hands-free” functions, but offers a new very ergonomic design that is just as pleasant to wear. Well designed, it embeds 9mm transducers housed in a tungsten weighted tube, for a sound that will delight Hi-Fists. For his part, the Klipsch S5i has been developed to resist dust and splashes, which makes it particularly suitable for sports (running, snowboarding, etc.), or for intensive use. And as always with Klipsch, the sound quality is there!

For Android smartphones:

We have also decided not to leave out smartphone users running Android. From there, the helmet NuForce NE-700M has established itself as a real must. A past master in the art of miniaturization, the Californian firm caused a sensation by delivering us headphones at an affordable price, equipped with an Android-compatible microphone + remote control, and sending big sound. A tour de force, no pun intended… Another reference, the helmet Klipsch S4A, specially designed for owners of Android 2.2 or higher mobiles. Powerful and detailed, these headphones can even be customized via the free Klipsch Control App. Perfect for assigning this or that function to the buttons on the built-in remote control!

For other smartphones (BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, etc.):

Finally, owners of BlackBerry and Windows Phones will also be able to enjoy quality sound, while having the famous call and control functions. For example, headphones like the Philips SHE8005 are suitable for most smartphones on the market, whether it’s a BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Palm, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, or a Samsung! Its contained price and its percussive musicality will astonish more than one… Let’s end with the valiant BeyerDynamic MMX 101 IE, which thanks to its many supplied adapters, works with an impressive number of mobile phones. You can, in addition to answering calls and browsing your songs, make video conferences (VoIP, Skype, etc.). All this, with legendary Beyer audio quality.

To conclude, if this article seemed useless to you, it’s probably because you have a “simple” MP3 player! In the latter case, any headset with a 3.5mm mini-jack will do. Monster, Sennheiser, AKG, Audio Technica, Beyer, Denon, Marshall, Pioneer, Klipsch, Sony: there really is no shortage of choice!


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