Compact loudspeaker with passive membrane radiator


Created on 20.10.2019 16:32.

Last updated on 17.02.2020 21:10.

Author: Gaidarov A.S ..

Usage: electroacoustics, in particular household high-quality sound-reproducing equipment. The essence of the invention: a small-sized loudspeaker contains a housing in which an active emitter in the form of a diffuser low-frequency head and a passive emitter in the form of a membrane attached to the housing by means of a cuff are placed.

The casing is equipped with a chamber that passes into a flow-forming flat tunnel, the outlet of which along the inner edge adjoins the edge of the diffuser, and the angle between their axes is 90 ± 30 °. The passive radiator is located inside the transition chamber, and the effective area of ​​its membrane is 0.5–1.5 of the effective area of ​​the low-frequency head diffuser.

Source: RF Patent No. 2102838 (1998.01.20) Small-sized loudspeaker.