do-it-yourself speakers


Created on 10.22.2012 20:36.

Updated on 17.02.2020 21:04.

Author: yoozhik.

I will contribute to the psychedelic trash “crazy hands”. So, Friday, urgent matters are redone, non-urgent ones are postponed for next week. The soul wants a holiday. And what a holiday without music? That’s right, no-one! But the office, for some reason, did not buy us the speakers, sadness. But, our hands are not for boredom!

To make iColumns you will need:

  1. Sound alert columns found in stock. I think everyone has it, you just need to look)))
  2. Paper box.
  3. Screwdriver.
  4. Cutter-s
  5. Scotch!!

We open the box and we have the first global problem – the box is chock-full! The speaker does not work !!

  • Option 1 – cut a recess for the speaker with a screwdriver and a cutter. But … a lot of dirt.
  • Option 2 – gut the box.

Ruthlessly shaking out all the insides of the box! We do not regret anything!

Further attention! A very complicated process – you have to get one piece of iron with a cross in a bunch of small ones. Let me remind you, it’s Friday …

Unscrewed? Well done. We continue the exercise … ugh, construction. We turn over the mesh, make cutouts under the legs in the bottom of the box!

Then we apply the speaker and draw around it with a pencil. For everything to be smooth, this is important!

Then oooooochen we try to cut out the circle, stepping back from the edge. Not well, but cho, almost a round hole turned out biggrin.gif

We push the legs of the lattice into the cutouts, we look from the inside, we are moved

Next is a very difficult moment. We need to get together! From the inside, we are trying to get into the seats on the grill with self-tapping screws. It turns out drushlak, but it’s all the same – the goal is close !! We hit by two – the other two will go by themselves

Everything! we fasten the wires, put the cover, fix it with tape. The speaker system is ready.

But we need STEREO! We repeat everything one more time … I just overclocked and did three! The question “why?” it is not worth asking)) We fasten the wires to the 3.5 jack and to the computer! Works without an amplifier from the built-in sounds.


10 rubles plug and 52 rubles wire because I did not find long ones.