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Author: Chovnikov A.M.

The invention relates to electroacoustics, in particular to isodynamic loudspeakers. The purpose of the invention is to expand the operating frequency band, reduce nonlinear distortion, and increase the output signal power.

The FEB Chovnikov loudspeaker contains permanent magnets 1, which are longitudinally magnetized plates facing each other with their planes and poles of the same name.

The magnets form a through working gap with a high degree of field uniformity, where the sound membrane 2 is placed with electrically conductive strips 3 applied to it, which are elements of the voice coil.

The necessary mutual orientation of the constant magnetic field and the audio frequency current flowing through the voice coil allows the sound membrane to oscillate within the loudspeaker working gap. Sound vibrations from the membrane are transmitted to the surrounding space through windows or holes in the magnets 4.

The FEB loudspeaker can be used in professional and household acoustic devices for high-quality reproduction of music programs.

Patent: RU 93 056 093 A

Source: yandex.ru/patents/

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