My cuties 2 or TQWP on Fostex FE207E speakers


Created on 03.22.2006 11:30.

Last updated on 17.04.2020 08:56.

Author: V. Pronin.

Such a saving thought came to me, because a multi-band system for a novice acoustologist is a rather confused economy. There are filters, phasing, docking, etc.

Is there a wider speaker in this world, so as not to cut on the living, and what does not hold out, prop up, from below with a mouthpiece, from above with a scribbled screech.

And I found Visaton and Fostex loudspeakers in the endless Internet groves, whose declared frequency more than covered my requests. No sooner said than done, in pursuit I also ordered radio-transparent fabric, and terminals for the future, so if there are not enough high ones, give it up. By the way, Fostex completely outplayed Visaton, they will be discussed below.

Here they are, the cherished boxes. The question arose with the acoustic design, before that I was building a TQWP on 4A28, the impressions are the most positive, it was a pity to leave, that’s why the “Vojta Pipe” option was chosen. Stop, we agreed, we live in harmony, and there is no need to say, they say the quality factor is low, or the pipe is not right, here is the reverse horn TQWP – yes.

Do it and you’ll see the speakers are great and the decor is great, especially if you have a decent listening room. I have it, and the acoustics are in this room, on marble slabs.

I put it on the floor, on various wooden stands, on spikes. Each amplifier needs its own, and since the amplifiers change often, I left thorns + marble.

The main goal was to have the center of the speaker in the center of the ears, in a “comfortable travel” position. Filling has a big impact on the bottom. I have a synthetic winterizer, the thickest that was.

Doing Acoustics for yourself in the Voight pipe design, and not “soaking your feet”, this is not right, you won’t go far on the finished drawings, or rather you won’t hear much.

Photo. 1. Fostex FE207E came from Kogherer, Moscow.
Photo. 2. Connection terminals from
Photo. 3. Mask, fabric is also from DIY.
Photo. 4. Acoustics TQWP without mask.
Photo. 5. Sintepon for filling the Vojta pipe.
Photo. 6. Port, you can see a synthetic winterizer. From the nearest store.
Photo. 7. Acoustics TQWP, stands on the floor.
Rice. 9. Drawing of the Vojta pipe, TQWP diagram.

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