at the pinnacle of Planar Magnetic technology!

[ad_1] Sennheiser, Audeze and Focal are renowned manufacturers for offering the best open-back audiophile headphones in the world! Among them, we can also add the Romanian manufacturer Meze-Audio, which is not at its first attempt. Marketed three years ago now at the price of 3000 euros, the already legendary Meze Empyrean was immediately identified as… Continue reading at the pinnacle of Planar Magnetic technology!

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Headphone Montblanc MB 01

Montblanc presents the first model of MB 01 smart headphones. Full details, photos and prices are below. To develop its first headphones, Montblanc assembled a team of experienced engineers and designers who won prestigious professional awards. As a result, they managed to create a model in which the impressive sound quality (according to the company,… Continue reading Headphone Montblanc MB 01