Why you shouldn’t choose acoustics at the stands (the picky glance of the installer)


Created on 19.01.2009 04:22.

Updated 05.03.2015 19:57.

Author: Felix Skakun (12 Volt Club).

I am not talking about the positive aspects of such a choice now, they undoubtedly exist, but I still wanted to draw attention to the disadvantages that many do not know about, do not remember and do not take into account.

I see several main reasons:

The first… At the stands, car acoustics are in closed boxes of the same volume, and usually at the stand there are up to five pairs of different acoustic heads. All have different total Q-factors, and, as a rule, the volume of these boxes is small for them, although there are exceptions, but this is a rarity. And what does a high-Q acoustics sound like in a small box? That’s right, with a hump in the mid-bass area. This is the kind of sound that many inexperienced in the intricacies of car audio seem to sound good, beautiful, with powerful bass. And what is their disappointment when installed at the door car acoustics, and even often with an acoustic short circuit, do not bass at all. For this very reason, comparing the sound of different acoustics at the stand is fundamentally wrong.

The second the reason already relates to the sound in the mid-range and high-frequency range of the range. They listen to car acoustics at the stand, facing it, that is, in direct radiation, and as you know, the frequency response changes noticeably already at an angle of 30 degrees, even more at 60 degrees. In the car, in the doors, the angle is even greater. Again, the sound of the installed car acoustics will differ from the sound at the stand.

Well third the reason is that the entire audio system at the stand is built from components that are different from those that will be in your car. The head unit, interconnect and acoustic wires, an amplifier, even a power supply greatly change the sound quality, sound color, micro- and macrodynamics.

Draw your own conclusions, gentlemen. And good luck with your purchases!